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Last sunday became one of the busiest days for those attending the Beat Swap Meet. It was good running into the regulars of the event that happens quarterly out of the year. There was one small difference that I noticed quick while I was there: the mass amount of new folks that came out! It’s always good to see fresh new faces at events that you attend to regularly, because it gives much more popularity to the ever-growing name of the talked-about event! People was shocked to see Young Guru (Jay-Z‘s famous longtime producer & engineer) stop by for a bit and bought some records (he was in town to DJ the Watch The Throne concert at Staples Center, and the afterparty later that night). Asking him if this is his first time here, he responded, “Yea, if I heard about this event earlier in the day, I would’ve been here ALL DAY.”

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You had bboy team battle on one end, record vendors in the middle and a producer showcase that featured Dibia$e, Beautiful Kalamari, and a few others. At some point you have the legend Percee P (google the name) spitting a piercing freestyle (like I said, google the name lol) for a huge crowd, and Fatlip (The Pharcyde) performing a couple of songs, including Passin’ Me By in its entirety. I missed a couple of heads that were on the lineup because I was running around choppin’ it up with other folks and snapping flicks. Before the end of the night, I got on the mic and gave a few shoutouts to the respected folks in the house and gave my signature #WIB shoutout and one of the guys (above) who was familiar with the site approached me and said what’s up! Surprising… it really was surprising!

Check out the few noteable flicks down below (with our John Hancock) on them!


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