IDLE WARSHIP: Res + Talib Kweli

In the City Of Angels, no matter what day of the week it is.. if you’re a fan of any particular artist, chances are you’ll be coming out to see them. In this case, this past Wednesday night was no different, as the Key Club became a fully packed house, waiting for Idle Warship artists Talib Kweli & Res (w/their band) to come out and jam for their fans. You can even see the anticipation on the audience’s faces that once they got started, it was definitely going to be a good night, brought to you by Move Forward Music & Fusicology.

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Idle Warship – Laser Beams (Official Music Video)

Among performing some songs off Habits Of The Heart, one of the most memorable moments at the show was when Talib Kweli re-introduced Res back to the crowd as a solo artist, talking about how far along she’s been in the game, as well as recognizing her first solo-effort, How I Do. So, Res snatched everyone’s ears by performing Fleetwood Mac‘s Dreams (the look on everyone’s faces was priceless). Another memorable moment was when some idiot decided to jump on stage and run in front of them and quickly jump off. Talib Kweli, sounded off (while slightly chuckling).. “If this was Brooklyn, we’d f__k you up. Straight up.” Continuing on, they went straight into the Party Robot favorites and smashed the stage!

Unfortunately, the night ended early and their band gave the crowd a long solo performance, with the hopes of the duo come back out and perform a couple of songs (which didnt happen). Come to find out, Talib had a plane to catch. I still remember at the end of the night, people were still talking about Res & the Fleetwood Mac song.. the fans literally melted on the floor on how beautifully she sung.

Check the pictures below & stream the Rat Race track as well.

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Idle Warship – Rat Race (stream)

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