For those of you who have been paying attention to last year’s competition that took place all over the world, the 2012 season for the DJs to compete are BACK! Also, we find ourselves back in Los Angeles again (check last year’s review), but this time it’ll be taking place at the Playhouse! Again, the rules are the same: Eight DJs competing for the representation of their region by spinning a 15min set that MUST contain at least three different musical genres, with the winner being picked by the crowd.

The DJs competing tonight are as follows: the return of last year’s competitors DJs Dynamix & As-Is, with Steve 1der, DJ Butch, DJ Kid Cut Up, DJ Dini, Quix-05, & DJ Compose (who won the recent Pre-Qualifier competition in Honolulu, HI in February). The winner of tonight’s competition will go (w/San Francisco’s winner DJ Playtime) to Orlando, FL. this summer, where they’ll be competing in the National Finals. After solidifying his/her reputation as the most party rockin’ DJ in the U.S., the National Champion will battle against DJs from all over the globe at the Red Bull Thre3style World Finals, which will be hosted in Chicago.

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