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Word? Rhymefest is BACK, and he’s going to be sharing the stage with one of my favorite emcees Quel & Maker (among many other heads) at the Subterranean next month! The city of Chicago has absolutely NO reason for missing this show! Opening acts are Ang 13, Robust (w/Old Irving), Cojack, Longshot, Number 2 & White Jesus, w/DJs Rude One & Ambideckstriks on the tables. Tickets are currently available, but WILL sell out if you dont grab them!

Tickets: click here
The Subterranean (venue):
website | facebook | twitter
Matlock (Host): facebook
Rhymefest: website | facebook | twitter
Qwel & Maker: website | facebook | twitter
Ang 13: facebooktwitter
Number 2 & White Jesus: website | facebook | twitter
Robust: facebook | twitter
Cojack: facebook
MC Longshot: facebook | twitter
DJ Rude One: facebook | twitter


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