London, Ontario-based singer-songwriter Eleanor Gebrou makes a grand entrance with her debut single “Make Sense”. The singer whose live performance records spans a decade and her background vocal work have been on records with artists such as Chad Price, Texas King, and Juno Awards-nominee Emanuel.

“Make Sense” is a sublime piece that explores the dynamics of the relationship between her and her mother as they try to find a balance between the obvious generational gap and differences of opinion and world views. Over a sombre guitar-laden backdrop, she opens the floor with a heartfelt performance ripe with emotions and frustrations as she deals with feelings of inadequacy and being stuck in a spot. The track sees her going back and forth with her mother, sharing her candid thoughts and imploring her not to make things harder than they are by being more empathetic. The songwriting is quite relatable and has a nuanced tone to it as well.

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