Brighton-based artist EKKAONE caught our ears with their newest release titled “Pamplemousse”, a genre-bending record that takes elements from pop, hip-hop, and UK Garage with expressive instrumental techniques. The drums are snapping and hark back to the early Garage years while the atmospheric arpeggios, vocal synths and dreamy pads all come together like Voltron. The song comes with the B side “Tsuna”, a chilled downtempo lofi jam that makes use of moody textures, and thick basslines with soft vocal samples that weave into one another like white on rice.

EKKAONE showcases their range in this EP, demonstrating its ability to create both energetic grooves and emotive, atmospheric compositions. Delivering a fresh take on these genres, the artist establishes themselves as a rising talent to watch. The EP will be available on all digital platforms on 30/03/22.


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