“Cathbad the Inspector” is the lead instrumental single from Dune Castle records that bring forth a multi-layered funk piece that is engaging and groovy.  The track is composed by  Cantrips’ Patrick Ryan, and it’s ripe with lush organs, cinematic guitar riffs, and crunchy drum breaks.

“Cathbad the Inspector” is lifted from  Dark Ages Martial Arts, an acid western funk tale composed by Cantrips’ Patrick Ryan and performed by Dune Castle, a rotating cast of session players performing as the label’s house band. Featuring members of Cantrips, Surprise Chef, and Karate Boogaloo.

The record marks the debut LP release under “Dune Castle”, a series of cinematic releases that build upon the tapestry of the Dune Castle universe. Each iteration focuses on telling a story from a different part of this world, collaborating with a range of artists to bring these tales to life. The aim of this recording session was to celebrate spontaneity in the recording process, as facilitated through live studio sessions and collaborative arrangements.

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