Dumi RIGHT ( of legendary golden-era hip-hop group Zimbabwe Legit ) returns with a poignant message on his new single titled “Liberation Music”. Over a slowed down, mellow sample, Dumi offers a novel approach to the state of affairs in his home country. He serves up social commentary on the angst and frustration of these times, while remaining positive, earnest, and at times even playful to avoid being trite and nihilistic.

“Liberation Music” serves as a solid precursor to his full project Doing It The Right Way. This latest release clearly demonstrates that over the years Dumi has continued to make progress and stay in step while remaining true to the culture and to himself by doing it the right way; eschewing fads and trends, never compromising principles and continuing to create entertaining, engaging and insightful music for the discerning listener.

“Void needs to be filled, soil needs to be tilled, We’ve had enough destroying now it’s time to rebuild, Excuse the interruption, didn’t mean to bust in, Forget these fools, let’s get these tools and start the construction!” – “Progress”

Doing It The Right Way – Track Listing

1. Liberation Music **

2. Job’s Completed * ft. The Poem-Cees

3. Prosperity +++ ft. Sariyah Idan

4. Progress +++ feat. Toki Wright and Kane

5. Just Another Day ** ft. Sol and Pep

6. Great Mindz [Saint Remix] *** ft. Cadence (Raw Produce), Mike G (Jungle Brothers) & YZ

7. I Will Not Turn Back + ft. Sariyah Idan

8. Nightfall [Saint Remix *** ft. Mr. Lif

9. Mission Accomplished ++ ft. Pep

10. Ya Think? ** ft. Pep

11. Go Get That *** ft. The Good People (Emskee and Saint)

12. Great Mindz [80-M Remix] ** ft. Cadence (Raw Produce), Mike G (Jungle Brothers) & YZ

13. The Armour ++

14. All We Have is Time by Nikki Giovanni

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