Alternative musical collective Dragonfruit is back with something different to lighten up the gloomy days. Their new single “U..” harks back to vintage 80s funk mixed with contemporary elements ranging from pop to future bass. The instrumental is quite alluring and ripe with lush atmospheric synths, sparkling keys and an undeniable groove and bassline to complete the mission. The collective now take it up a notch as they team up with Dutch animator Astrid Martirossianwho helps create a short animation film that fits the theme of the song.

The video is a vintage pixel styled animation characterized by the colorful and hand-drawn visuals of Astrid Martirossian. “U.” sends a message of isolation and the effects on the human condition because of it. It shows the path of someone who wants to belong in the digital world rather than the real one. It’s a very enthralling and entertaining piece that blends various pop culture references to drive home the passage of time and distorted world view for both the obsessed character and the audience. 

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