Just peeped this over at Astro Nautico blog…very fresh EP by Benamin & up & coming BK MC Fresh Daily…a bit late, as this was released at the beggining of the month…but definately another example that this year starts Big very BIG!

Benamin – The Only Constant ft Lex

Download the E.P from Benamin’s BandCamp

The Times E.P. was initially created as BENAMIN’s thesis project to be presented to a panel of industry professionals at NYU in May, 2009. He pressed up 200 copies for hand to hand distribution in order introduce listeners to his music and craft. The Times E.P. is a step in a new direction for Fresh Daily, meanwhile underlying his lyrical ability. It accurately portrays BENAMIN’s production styles and showcases his skill as an engineer/mixer.

Check another track from the EP on the video below….

Fresh Daily “Apollo 13”



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