NY emcee Dow Timo goes for the bouncy/anthemic vibe with this upbeat joint titled ‘A Must‘. armed with a relentless flow plus the Wocka type energy in the beat gives a whole new meaning to chasing the beat. I’m new to Dow Timo’s work and this is different in a positive manner. I know that sample sounds familiar but I just can’t figure out it’s from.

Tune in and get with the program.


Upbeat energy and rhyming ability aside, hard work has no substitute. But New York’s Dow Timo, who single handedly build his own studio and wasted no time paying his dues, is no stranger to pounding the pavement. With the release of his mixtape Scummy In America and the visuals to “Motion Picture” already under his belt, Timo has taken 2014 by storm and isn’t prepared to take a break anytime soon. “A Must,” with its catchy instrumental and anthemic chorus, is bound to be your inescapable Springtime anthem as Timo touches on the finer things in life. Be on the watch for Dow Timo to make moves throughout this year as he gets set for the forthcoming release of The Sippas Story, scheduled for a June release date.


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