David Wright Jr., aka Done Wright, is a man of many talents. From songwriting to producing and managing his own business, he has shown consistency in whatever he does and gets the much-needed results. Although he was born in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn, NY, his sound was influenced by Queensbridge icons such as Nas and Mobb Deep. Beyond that, he also grew up on classic R&B and soul which added an extra layer to his style. His latest record “Aruba” is a euphemism for an escapade far away from the craziness of the city and taking time to rest and unwind with all the good things in life. Backed by a dreamy and summer-tinged backdrop, Wright delivers a stylish cadence ripe with vivid and evocative lyricism detailing his perfect getaway spot.

The music video directed by Escobar Entertainment highlights the song’s warmth through its colour pallets and visuals, with Done Wright surrounded by jewels, money, and beauties. Soaking in the good life, Done Wright shows how hard work and pure hustle can take you to incredible heights and access to the finer things in life. Take a trip out of reality and let “Aruba” inspire all your dreams.


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