I’m recommending a documentary about shoes.

Aight so usually (usually implies it happens relatively frequently, it doesnt, if ever) if someone says ‘Hey I watched this documentary about shoes it’s real interesting you should too’ you’d probably give him/her a funny look before dismissing the idea. But honestly, this is a pretty interesting documentary about something I never even lent a moment’s thought before.

Just For Kicks, released in 2005, is a documentary about shoes/sneakers and it’s interesting and relevant because of the way it’s involved in street and Hip Hop culture; who can forget that Run DMC classic ‘My Adidas’ for example, or more recently, U-N-I’s K.R.E.A.M. (Kicks Rule Everything Around Me). So approach it with an open mind and you’ll be left satisfied. I think you can get it from Amazon real cheap.


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