This is a phenomenal mix dedicated to not only Maxwell himself, but also a nod towards the hip hop music that used Urban Hang Suite as an inspiration.

DJ Rahdu explains:
In 1996 I was fiercely committed to East Coast Hip Hop and discovering the breaks used to create it. I had a friend who worked at a local music shop located at a strip mall perpendicular to my job, and during my scheduled break I would visit, kick the Willie BoBo and in turn be laced with whatever I could carry out. I remember one evening, while staging the purchasing of a large amount of Hip Hop and Breaks, seeing a white cardboard display at the checkout for an artist I’d never heard of with unique, attractive packaging and a really cheap price point, like .99 or so. I picked up the CD single, mulled over adding it to the pile, decided I would never have the opportunity to listen to it with the large amount of music I was amassing and set it down.
Months later when Urban Hang Suite was released, I realized the error of my decision. UHS signaled not only the introduction of Maxwell, it was also a harbinger of the Neo Soul Movement. In addition, the Ascension maxi-single I passed up, ironically included a remix by Hip Hop’s most respected producer, Dilla. Over the next 2 years, Maxwell continued to drop maxi singles from UHS with alternate versions and remixes of its beloved tunes much like the Hip Hop 12”s of that time.
As time went on and I became immersed in music overall I discovered there were others touched by Maxwell’s music who decided to share their spin on his music. It’s a combination of these remixes, covers, and edits I have mixed and share with you today. Enjoy!

Check the track list below and enjoy this incredible mix.

GDNA – (RE) Fixing Bad Habits
Maxwell – Unsung
MeLo-X – The Highest
Pro Era – Maxwell ft Dirty Sanchez, Rokamouth & Capital STEEZ
Maxwell – Sumthin Sumthin GDNA (RE) Vision
Maxwell vs Busta Rhymes – Sumthin to Put Your Hands In
Maxwell – Sumthin Sumthin (The Mantra)
Katrell – La Jeunesse Retrouvee
Maxwell – Ascension (Touchsoul Lover’s Only Edit)
Maxwell – Ascension (aywy. & Shem Edit)
Maxwell – No One ft HB & Mother’s Favorite Child
Maxwell – Stop the World (Boddhi Satva Ancestral Soul Remix)
Maxwell – Luxury:Cococure (Mixzo Mix) (Uncut)
Maxwell – Ascension (Don’t Ever Wonder) The Tribute
Maxwell – Get to Know Ya (DJ Dodge Mix)
Maxwell – Til the Cop’s Come Knockin’ (Tony Loreto & Toro Remix)
Maxwell – Sumthin Sumthin (Karizma Edit)
Maxwell -Everwanting: To Want You To Want (Black Label Mix)
Maxwell – Fortunate (Naked Music Mix)
Maxwell – Til The Cops Come Knockin’ (The Opus Pt. 02)
Yarra Rai – Whenever, Wherever, Whatever
Little Brother – Whatever You Say (The Maxwell Mix)
MeLo-X – Dance of the Wings(MeLo Suite)
YP – Softly
Illustration by DJ Rahdu

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