For those that don’t know, the new Dilated Peoples project Directors Of Photography will drop on the 12th of August(via Rhymesayers). They already blessed us with that Primo laced single Good As Gone and after streaming, I must say, this is something off the chains. On the other hand, I really can’t believe they haven’t dropped a full length project in 8 years(that’s like a 20 in rap years) yet it seemed like they haven’t been away. The trio have definitely let their solo materials keep them in the spotlight while we prayed for another group project.

 The features on Directors Of Photography are a handful from Aloe Blacc, Vince Staples, Gangrene, Sick Jacken to Defari- who reprises his usual Interlude( check Expansion Theme album for more details) and the Dj Babu scratch heavy Figure It Out(Melvin’s Theme) gives hard core fans a taste of his turntable proficiency. No fancy stuff here, just straight up, raw,uncut hip-hop from one of LA’s finest crew.

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So when they started recording Directors Of Photography, Dilated Peoples found that they brought a different type of energy and focus to working together full-time again. “The biggest difference was how hard each of them pushed each other,” DJ Babu says of Evidence and Rakaa. “Every lyric, every verse, every chorus was destroyed and rebuilt, reworked, scrutinized, rekicked over and over. At times, it was frustrating and challenging, but I think the hard work and passion was worth it and it really shows.”

With Directors Of Photography, Dilated Peoples shows it only improved during its hiatus, returning to a genre quick to dismiss veterans. “I think the statement we made this time around is that the three of us are still here standing making quality Hip Hop from our hearts,” DJ Babu says. “We never chased trends and we always stayed true to ourselves. Even with the changes in the music industry and the world, we still managed to stay cutting edge and classic and, in many ways, independent. This LP is very full circle for us.”

Directors of Photography Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Directors
3. Cut My Teeth
4. Defari Interlude
5. The Dark Room (featuring Vince Staples)
6. Good As Gone
7. Show Me The Way (featuring Aloe Blacc)
8. Figure It Out (Melvin’s Theme)
9. Let Your Thoughts Fly Away
10. Century of the Self (featuring Catero)
11. @mrevidence Interlude
12. The Reversal
13. Opinions May Vary (featuring Gangrene)
14. Trouble
15. L.A. River Drive (featuring Sick Jacken)
16. The Bigger Picture (featuring Krondon)

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