Before Christmas I decided I needed a sampler, and the more I read in to it the more I was drawn to the Roland 404 (eventually I got the 404 SX). In my research I was looking for who’s worked with what (I bought it basically because it explains Teebs), and came across Dibiase. Instantly I took a huge shine to him, the way he manipulated a – limited, but at the same time magical – bit of hardware in to dynamic music, and awesome mixes. I’ve kept in touch with what he’s up to and explored his music deeper since, so here is his latest beat tape EXCUSE THE TAPE HISS. He titles it with an apology, but it features the swing, video game-influenced vibe that resonates throughout all of Dibiase’s music. Peep and enjoy!

This project I went back to my roots. Running stuff through the 4 track then through the tape deck. Also ran stuff through the 404 then dumped back into Ableton. Back in the day i was just all about hardware and against using any software. Through time, I learned to utilize both and combine them like Voltron. I remember making beats on a 8 second sampler, a yellow Sony walkman and a tape deck, just layering loops. Each time I would layer sounds, I would get more tape deck hiss. People would criticize that sound the most about my old beats “there’s too much hiss.” Then I kinda dreaded the tape hiss for that reason but nowadays people are more accepting of the tape hiss. So, if you like your beats squeaky clean…please excuse the tape hiss. – Dibiase 

[wpsharely]Purchase EXCUSE THE TAPE HISS: Bandcamp[/wpsharely]

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