Cincinnati based act Devin Burgess delivers a collection of songs that didn’t make his previous projects but were too solid to be thrown away completely. With a title like “Trash”, the project sure has a cheeky title but the content is far from it. From weekend bangers like “Bounce Back” to lyrical backbreaking cuts like “Faith Gawd Bless,” Burgess is able to rap in any environment, over any production. Even in the background of everything you’re hearing, there’s a lite love narrative going on in the background that reaches a head with “Anita & Amy“. What impresses most about “Trash” is that it plays like a well constructed and calculated album. He didn’t just grab a bunch of “dope” songs and slap a compilation album sticker on it. Devin Burgess proves that one man’s “Trash” can be another listener’s pleasure.

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Watch  his video”Bounce Back” below

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