Rapper Dell Wells and producer John Sarastro go by the moniker Bolt Seminar and their style is far from the norm. The production is off-kilter and cinematic while the lyrics dive into topics that emcees won’t even bother with.

The first cut we are looking at is titled “Chatterbox” and it’s bolstered by a punchy production that is made up of a dark ominous texture that sounds like a scene from a retro sci-fi flick. Wells is in his element here and delivers a fiery performance filled with off-the-cuff lyrics that center on the mind games played by an emcee in search of the perfect flow.

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The second cut “Cuckold Manifest”  is a tribute to hip-hop as a culture and also details the struggle of the conscious emcee who tries to uplift the culture amidst the culture vultures whose only aim is to exploit the artform. The production here has a pulsating bassline and offbeat texture that blends with the rapper’s passionate flow and use of melodic stylings.


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