The name Flash Gordon might ring a bell or two for most cats raised in the 80s and thanks to reruns of the cartoon Defenders Of The Earth, the name may have popped up again in the memories of 90s kids. I wouldn’t go that far to say I was a huge fan of said character but the name is something I won’t forget easily (partly due to the adult parody Flesh Gordon).  I must say it’s somewhat ambitious to base a project around the space galavanting hero and fortunately emcee deFresh pretty much keeps it short and concise. He revisits the soundtrack from the 80s movie version of Flash Gordon to create a new persona called Fresh Gordon. Well ignoring the obvious I’d rather dwell on the music here which is actually solid. The rock-esque feel of the beats gives the project a very rounded vibe and helps string the EP together at just 5 tracks long. deFresh knows not to bore the listener and gives them something they can easily latch on to sans filler cuts.

Dope beats, dope rhymes, need I say more? Hit the play button and get with the program.


Fresh (excuse the “pun”) on the heels of his recently released LP “Universal Laws Vol.1,” Delaware’s own dFresh releases a surprise concept EP “Fresh Gordon,” inspired by the iconic comic book character and “Savior of the Universe” Flash Gordon. The FREE to stream EP is fully sampled from Queen’s soundtrack, taken from the cult classic 80’s movie. All production on “Fresh Gordon” is skillfully crafted by the Delaware duo The Hit List (Zachary ‘Zak Morris’ Kerstetter and Gregory ‘The Author’ Durrette II) and dFresh. The “First State” native emcee/producer seamlessly infuses lyrics from some of his real life events with the movie samples, which combines that new brand of Hip-Hop with the vintage sound we’ve been accustomed to in the past …as dFresh incarnates himself as Fresh Gordon/Flash Gordon.

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