De La Soul, one of the OG groups of hip hop and responsible for many classic and golden releases, have gone further to cement their place in history by announcing they will let their entire back catalog be available for free download from 15th February 11am EST – but you will have to be quick, as it will only last 25 hours! Peep their website to download.

It’s all in celebration of the 25th anniversary of their debut LP Three Feet High And Rising, which, along with many other of their releases, has not made it on to mainstream purchasing platforms due to sample issues, leading to a gap in the music libraries of many young music listeners. But everyone loves things for free, so hopefully making them available will give a big surge in popularity for the legendary trio, as they plan to drop a swathe of releases in the next few months over DJ Premier, J Dilla and Pete Rock production, among others.

As someone who was brought in to hip-hop by De La Soul (seriously they were the first act I ever really got in to), this is huge news for me. So share, and let everyone get in on the goodness.

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