The Word Is Bond is proud to premiere Days of Contrast latest release “When we Accepted Change”.

When We Accepted Change is Days of Contrast’s sophomore instrumental effort, acting as a follow-up to their debut project, When Life Was Simpler.

While their first project highlighted the ways in which they seeked simplicity in an increasingly complicated world, their sophomore release focuses on the element of change and its necessity to grow and cultivate a sense of awareness and purpose.

This project conveys the different ways in which people can experience change: sometimes it’s sudden, at times it’s tumultuous, and other times, it’s serene and calming to realize what lies ahead. In the end, the ultimate goal is to accept the change that is occurring within us, and move forward with determination and hope for the next chapter of life.

Another great instrumental album by Days of Contrast, that although short, hits all the right notes, and is aimed squarely at all the instrumental/jazz hop fans.

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