You may be expecting something totally different as the title of Danny Mato’s states but I’d say prepare to hear the truth and nothing but the truth. The emcee decides to keep it honest all the way on his new joint titled “New Genre” built on a slick backdrop provided by producer Rusty Mack. He sheds light on his childhood, his thoughts on pretenders and fakers alike in the game without making it sound like a bitter old man rant.

Last words, honesty to me will remain the best policy and the homie Danny Matos delivers just that with this song. No extras just pure him all the way. I end this by saying hit the play button and get to know the brother.

It takes guts to proclaim that you’re going to establish something completely new with your latest track, but New York rapper Danny Matos definitely backs up his boasts on “New Genre,” the lead single off his forthcoming project, The Hangar.

The thing about Matos and “New Genre” isn’t that he’s trying anything ridiculous or over the top to grab the listener’s attention. Rather, dude’s just “being honest” (aka the name of his new genre) and exposing his soul on the record, something we don’t necessarily hear too often in Hip-Hop today.

Sure, some artists put on and pretend to be lyrically revealing, but when can you hear it in their voice? Or even in their rhymes? For Matos, you hear it in both. His passion is particularly evident in his voice, which nearly cracks over the song’s slick production handled by Rusty Mack and multi-instrumentalist the Red Walrus (both of Harry Fraud’s Surf School).

“New Genre” is now available for free download, while The Hangar is due out January 8th…stay tuned!

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