Da Odd Couple and Dr. Butcher’s new single, “No Sinpathy,” blends haunting Halloween vibes with hard-hitting socio-political commentary from guest emcees Ray Lugar, CJ Moore, and Ke Turner.

Over the ominous production, each emcee brings their own dose of grounded reality to the track, which lyrically centers on the idea of “You’re programmed to slide/ Kill your own kind.” It’s a stark look at where the world is at today, and it’s appropriately complemented by a chilling instrumental from Dr. Butcher with cuts supplied by Da Odd Couple.

Dr. Butcher actually produced not only “No Sinpathy” but the entirety of Against All Odds, a collaborative album with Da Odd Couple, a/k/a the duo of legendary turntablists Rob Swift and Mista Sinista. All three were members of the acclaimed NYC deejay crew, X-Men, with Rob Swift and Dr. Butcher first inducted in ’91—two years after the group was founded by Steve Dee and Sean Cee—and two years before Sinista joined forces in ’93. The X-Men would go onto changing their name to the X-Ecutionerns in 1997, prior to the release of their debut LP, X-Pressions.

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