Damn, it sucks to see stuff like this. D-Sisive and Muneshine have released a swathe of dope Hip-Hop over the years, both with their seperate and collaborative efforts, but the two Canadians seem to have had enough of their lack of progression, as they perceive it, and have announced they’re quitting Hip-Hop. Perhaps it makes it all the more poetic that their last collaboration was subtitled The Dream Is Over. A real shame, because they were both great artists and had a lot of respect from all who heard their music. They deserve better, but unfortunately the industry is not accomodating.


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  • Deano

    Illeagl Downloads leads to this…..Alotta Hip-Hop Fans like it or not are pikeys who pay for sweet FA.

  • Had an interesting discussion about this on Twitter last night. I was thinking of writing an article about it. Good looking out LRCN!

    I think I’m going to do a podcast about it though. It really is a shame. We need to support our artists here better. I think we’ve failed them in a way. I play their stuff. I blog about it. And they have both been in my Top 10 lists for the past several years. They have fans. Lots. Just not enough support. Damn!