CYNE (Cultivating Your New Experience) formed by Cise Star, Speck and Enoch, will be back next year with “All My Angels Are Right“, to be released in March 18th 2014 on Hometapes. We haven’t seen them in full form since their last release Water For Mars (2009)

Tears For Uriah” is CYNE‘s first single of “All My Angels Are Right“, and you should definitely keep and eye on this album early next year. I know I will, as a blogger and a fan.

If this single is the benchmark they are aiming for, then the album is bound to be as original as their previous work.

Via TheFindMag

Track-listing and album cover after the jump…

01. Attics
02. Avians
03. Tears For Uriah
04. Sunglasses After Midnight
05. Fine Prints
06. In Between Kingdoms
07. Ancient Audio
08. Plato’s Cave
09. Poison
10. Carousels
11. Null
12. Heaven Is A Hologram
13. Spaces
14. Embers
15. Firefights


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