By area raised producer CRNGTN serves us some good vibes with his new release titled “Suzuki Ah.” A dreamy cinematic texture makes the bulk of the beat while the head-nodding boom-bap drums hold up the foundation together. The beat also benefits from melancholic piano riffs that lend its strength to the melancholic vibe of the beat.







As a guitarist in numerous bands over the years and working as an engineer in several renowned studios, CRNGTN has evolved into a legitimate and hyper-focused artist and producer. Every sound and detail in his music showcases his abundant skill-set, paired with a deep connection to his musical roots.

CRNGTN’s musical output is in constant motion, and there are no signs of him slowing down anytime soon. His drive and passion to create something unique and special, resonates in his deep repertoire. Look out ahead, because the man is on a mission to leave his mark on the industry.

“Suzuki Ah” is the first single from Trash Tapes Vol. II.


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