Uprising rapper/songwriter/actor Connor Garelick recently dropped his debut Flow Free EP to celebrate his birthday which occurred on the 7th of August. The 6 track body of work serves as a snapshot of the musician’s life and we get to hear about his love life, personal losses, his successes and the many events that make him tick.

The project opens up with “Tree”, a heartfelt track that talks about unity amongst people and its numerous positive effects. Backed by a moody and somewhat dark texture with punchy drums, Connor shares his thoughts on mutual respect, collaborating and working in unison to make the world a  better place. He is joined by vocalist Kawasi who peppers the track with a rich soul-gripping performance and adds an extra emotional touch. “Feelin’ Shiesty” is comprised of an ominous piano riff and moody pads all underpinned by thumping trap drums. As the title suggests, Connor takes time to expose perpetrators and fakers who pretend to be what they are really not. Lines like “Been on a wave now they wanna ride it/gassing me up but they ain’t really exciting/Copy my style, they copy my likeness/You can copy but couldn’t provide it/Rappers be biting like they really Tyson” sees the rapper throwing verbal darts at the opposition while standing his ground.


On “Whatcha Say”, he samples a smooth R&B track and delivers a solid love-themed track ripe with adulation-filled lyrics and a catchy hook provided by Papi Gordo. Connor employs a melodic-driven flow and floats on the rich guitar riffs and warm textures with much ease. Here, he shows his versatility and delivers something refreshing for the ladies. This is followed by “Trippin” which taps singer Paris Lenore for a solid melodic and rap performance. The bouncy track is a solid blend of R&B and hip-hop and captures the undeniable chemistry between Paris and Connor as they play opposite sides of the love coin, each trying to find out f the other is real or playing games.


The  Flow Free EP closes out with “My Mind” and “Show Out”, two tracks that continue to show Connor’s knack for pushing himself out of his comfort zone with a genre-bending sound and heartfelt songwriting. “My Mind” starts off with an electric guitar riff that sets the tone for the pop-infused contemporary song. Connor gets into his melodic bag and pours his heart on wax as he reflects on heartbreak and betrayal. “Show Out” tones the energy with a solemn and introspective aesthetic. The beat is atmospheric and reflective and Connor gives listeners a glimpse into his daily struggles and how he battles his inner demons with lines like Ain’t trying to die too young/Ain’t trying to go out early/Gotta grab life by the horns and tell that man, I’m worth it”. The record sure is a solid closer as we get to feel Connor’s pains, see his failings and watch him rise from the doldrums all in one breath.


In summary, Flow Free EP, is quite cohesive and while its short running length of just 16 minutes might leave listeners for more stories, it sure covers a lot and gives listeners a solid body of work to dwell on.



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