BX based rapper Connie Diiamond is on a lane of her own with her brand of energetic and street infused hip-hop. Her newest release is the video for her single “HBNL2”. The track sees her expressing her feelings of needing pure unconditional love over a dreamy, bouncy soundscape. Still, as fiery as ever, she delivers her bars in the most gritty manner as she lets her man know what she really needs and deserve for this relationship to grow.

The visual is pretty minimalistic and shows her doing her thing rocking that classic champion sweats and causing some havoc as she raids her man’s wardrobe to probably teach him a lesson or two. Connie Diiamond has been named the break-out artist to watch right now from Scottie Beam and has supported part of Azealia Banks‘ tour. Connie will be releasing a full-length project of original songs summer 2019.

Rapper Connie Diiamond of the Bronx NY, is a 27-year-old aspiring rap artist. Connie Diiamond started rapping at the age of 14, where she was inspired by rappers such as Lil Kim and Jadakiss. Growing up in New York
Connie Diiamond has experienced many different situations in which she raps about so that everyone can relate to her music. Connie Diamonds’ style is very aggressive and competitive. Because of her unique style and personality,

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