After sharing their soothing soulful single “Under Pressure”, the music collective known as Cirrrcle return to the forefront with another gem. The track in question is titled “Besty” and it’s actually the title track of their new EP. Backed by a lush guitar riff, head-nodding groove, and alluring textures, lead rapper Jyodan takes the listener on a very relatable journey into the friend zone.

The track is quite upbeat and bright for the most part so don’t expect any sob stories. Jyodan approaches the theme with a tongue-in-cheek style and shows the various dynamics that exist within the friend zone and he also shares some information on how to escape from it. It’s best you listen well to find the secret.

“Besty” is the title track of CIRRRCLE’s newest 6 track body of work that features more than a handful of gems that everyone can rock to.

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