Brandi Stephney aka Cipherella sets it off with the visuals for her previously released single “Dumb Dumb”.  The retro fitted cut is a brilliant homage to the 90s complete with matching outfits, classic dance moves and a boombap backdrop to complete the cypher. However Cipherella’s lyrical prowess takes center stage as she tackles the sheep mentality of the masses who soak up whatever they see and hear on TV and radio.


Dumb Dumb is the follow-up track to Cipherella’s previous video “Moments”. Hit the play button and get familiar.


Brandi Stephney, commonly known as Cipherella, is a talented lyricist, humanitarian, and philosopher. Born and raised in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Cipherella relocated to New York City after a massive tornado destroyed she and her mother’s home in 2013. The change of scenery gave her new creative inspiration and more musical ambition. Soon, she became host of New York City’s longest running monthly open mic night at the NuYorican Poets café. Her exceptional writing skills were shared in M-Pire Magazine and creative input was sought after by Supreme Bars: The Ultimate Emcee and Producer Battle’s creators. Highly outspoken, Cipherella’s social and political convictions are constant themes in her music. Comparable to Queen Latifah and Bahamdia, she uses eclectic instrumentals and writes passionate lyrics that create dialogue. Her 2014 release “What Ya Gon’ Do” is a great example. The song highlighted the rampant police brutality that occurs throughout the country. “What Ya Gon’ Do” led to panel discussions about the topic and features on many major music publications. Heavily inspired by artists ranging from MC Lyte to Erykah Badu, Cipherella is a genuine lyricist with a powerful message. Her ever-evolving style and avant-garde approach to hip-hop music sets her apart from everyone else. When she is not performing, Cipherella is usually in the recording studio. Her latest music video for “Moments,” produced by Mira-Cal is available now. The music video has already been featured in New York City’s Hip-Hop Film Festival and the Around International Film

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