From the surface it might seem that todays HipHop is devoid of lyrical heavyweights that once flourished in the 90s. The key word here is “seem”, the art of lyricism never died, the mainstream might look the other way but one thing hard core Hip-Hop artists never did was compromise even in the face of armageddon.

  On paper, this team up looks pretty sick when you see the indelible Chino XL, Chris Rivers (who is steady killing anything at the moment) and Colorado based emcee Saint Joe. The trio go into lyrical war mode over a solemn cinematic soundscape crafted by producer GVME OVER. The song in question “Homicide Fetish” sees each emcee spewing vivid verbal darts with no restraints from double to triple time flows, inner rhyme schemes and more than a handful of metaphors to complete the cypher.

Visually the director Jeremy Pape goes retro depicting an old school cypher anchored by the three men in different locations from the streets of NYC to the mountains of Colorado. Homicide Fetish is taken from Saint Joe’s upcoming album Thinning Out The Heard which will be released on the 5th of August.

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 “Homicide Fetish” can now be purchased off the iTunes pre-order for Thinning Out the Heard, as the project’s debut instant grat track. Stay tuned for more song leaks and visuals!

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