Recoe from the Southside of Chicago, submitted his video “Reflections” for us to review. And I must admit, he does sound like the next best thing to come out of Chi-Town at only 19 years old, Recoe brings dope flows and lyrics, over a nice beat. Much power to him and we hope he keeps producing these types of gems.
Reflections It’s a song where I rap about a young man trying to change his life from selling drugs, and being incarcerated to having an epiphany and saying he wants to change his life. In the song and video I explain my trials and tribulations that I have faced on the Southside of Chicago. The song gives you a 90’s hip hop vibe and so does the video walking down 87th street. Check out and review the song and video I have an 15 track EP called “The Slow Grind” that I am releasing in February. I am a very hungry and ambitious artist and I am determined to be heard by the right and helpful ear one day. I am only 19 years old and I take music very seriously. You can see and hear that on my soundcloud and in each and everyone of my songs.
Stream the track over at Soundcloud

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