Chenai brings her stunning vocals to bear on this beautiful number which is a cover with the original done by the legendary RnB group Brownstone. The song is one of those that helps you relive nostalgia in a major way and Chenai went down memory lane with the inspiration as well:

“I remember my Dad playing this album in his car, the cover was a picture of three beautiful black women. Hearing these powerful and strong harmonies that gave us goosebumps, and songs that were so catchy and cool. I was hooked. “From The Bottom Up” by Brownstone was one of the first album’s I learned word for word. I’d always wanted to cover ‘If you love me’. Now I understand the lyrics, the way it so well captures that limbo part of a sexual relationship there’s some doubt, uncertainty, and you want to move past the physical, but the communication is just a bit shit. A story I’v experienced and heard from friends so many times.” 

Obviously you would expect a cover to have a slight alteration to soothe the persona of the artist engaging in the music. This is what Chenai does on this cover and she explains further giving detailed information:

“Brownstone deliver these stunning passionate gospel vocals, in beautiful juxtaposition to the lyrics which are actually really vulnerable and tender, so I explored the vulnerability I heard in the lyric for this version. There are a lot of electronic sounds in my music, so the approach had to be completely different. I started with synth and a loads of harmonies in a lower key, that felt more introspective, and it organically came together. What started as a fun and slightly indulgent quarantine project is now a track I’m very proud of.” 

This song is part of the forthcoming EP “Sanctum of Gemini” dropping later this year and you can also stream it on Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer.

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