New York-based singer-songwriter, Carissa Shockley makes her debut on our site with this eclectic piece titled “Drink to Forget.” It’s a genre-bending track that fuses pop, r&b, electronic music, and hip-hop. Backed by a lush ethereal backdrop, Shockley delivers a sublime performance that showcases her vocal range and unique songwriting prowess.

The track is therapeutic for her as she details how she keeps her worries at bay with a glass or two. Along for the ride is rapper Brenden who also adds his 2 cents and explores his own struggles.


New York-based singer-songwriter, Carissa Shockley, has been captivating intimate audiences with her raw and authentic songs about all seasons of life. The pairing of Carissa’s classically trained voice and songwriting skills have deeply impacted hundreds who have been enduring difficult seasons of life and those who are desperately searching for a place to belong. Carissa is a musical experience that is guaranteed to move the listener with its lush melodic vocal lines, scenic harmonies, and its motivational message.


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