“Coastin” is the sophomore single from rising act C-TROX who is ready to drop his new LP entitled “Slightly Intoxicated” next month. The self inspirational song is a testament to his will to succeed by chasing his dreams regardless the cost. He also calls up his usual collaborator Sammy Adams who comes through with a befitting verse to add some credence to the upbeat, uplifting track.

C-TROX also gives us more insight behind the song, “Coastin was one of those songs where everything just fell right into place. I moved across the country from Maryland to my new house in North Hollywood, CA. I was still getting a feel for what life in Los Angeles was really like and I was definitely still a little bit lost. When I say “Pray that I’m gon’ make it on the road, I don’t even know where I’m going” I’m referring to the fact that I don’t know what is next for me but I’m still going for it 100%. “I’m coastin” refers to the fact that I’m just living day by day to pursue this dream I’ve had for years in addition to the fact I went from coast to coast.”


Growing up in Hagerstown, MD C-Trox (Conner Troxell) started making music at a very young age. Starting out with guitar lessons and a little singing his music slowly began to evolve into hip-hop which is what he is currently working on today. However, C-Trox didn’t actually release his first song to the public until late 2012 which was his junior year of high school. After graduating highschool and moving to West Virginia University to pursue a degree in Industrial Engineering Conner linked up with Nicco Cattalano, the owner of Neek Attack Studios. This is where C-Trox would spend the next 4 years finding himself as an artist and building a fanbase. During this period of time he dropped 3 projects. Dorm Room EP (Early 2014), Perspective (Late 2014), and 5 Reasons to Party (2016). In May 2017, C-Trox moved to Los Angeles, CA to pursue music as a full-time artist and begin on his debut album “Slightly Intoxicated” which is due December 2017.


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