UK emcee Brotherman shares two tracks  “First World Problems” and “Nobody’s victim” from his new album Thief of Always.

The first cut “First World Problems” is a jazz-infused boom-bap cut that details the state of affairs from the first world perspective. Armed with a commanding vocal tone and expressive songwriting, Brotherman takes listeners deep into the mix of the action as he breaks down the different hurdles he has to face, and at the end, he reaches the conclusion that no matter how crazy it seems, it’s just one of those first world problems that he has to deal with and he keeps on pushing ahead.



In “Nobody’s victim” he makes use of a soulful backdrop to share a tale of loss of innocence in the city that never sleeps. He reminds us that it’s a tough world out here and no one really cares about the ones stuck in the runt


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