Oh my word this is going to be huge. Broke (is that the same as Broke/, who’s also on Cascade Records?) and Repeat Pattern combine forces again to the magnus opus of Cascade Record’s 2012. This is just the preview but it sounds incredible. I copped it on vinyl immediately.

Ok guys, here is our testament for this end of year!
If you’ve followed Cascade Records since the beginning,
you certainly know our classic album, “Love Exposure,” as well as Broke and RP.
Well they’re together again with an incredible new episode called “Badminton Club”!
In a sense, this is the result we all expected and were waiting for from the beginning!
This new album is finely tuned for the likes of all big lovers of hiphop/rap/electronic.
With the promising Cascade debut of “Love Exposure”, and their solo releases,
“Chasing Her” by Broke and “08-09” by Repeat Pattern, the bar has been set high
but “Badminton Club” delivers so we urge you… DON’T SLEEP!!

[viral-lock]Download Teaser: Soundcloud[/viral-lock]

Pre-Order: Bandcamp

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