Brain Rapp blesses us with the first leak off his upcoming project “Elevator Music”. The song in question is Where You Been where Brain Rapp takes time out to enlighten the listener with his latest ventures or adventures if I may. The soundscape-provided by Nature Boi- is pretty engaging and off kilter. Love how he flipped that soul sample and made something fresh out of it.

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Description: Where You Been, the lead single off Brain Rapp’s forthcoming album, Elevator Music, is an upbeat ode to the trials and tribulations of an up-and-coming artist. From long road trips to Georgia for A3C, flights to Texas for SXSW and hours spent in the recording studio, Brain pays homage to the busy and, at times, maddening world of professional music.

Short Bio: Born and raised in Maryland, Brain Rapp’s first exposure to hip hop was stealing his older sister’s copy of Outkast’s Aquemini. Captivated by their skills, Rapp began crafting his own lyrics at the age of thirteen. Influenced by artists on both sides of the Mason-Dixon, his style ranges from braggadocious boom bap to thoughtful, introspective storytelling. Brain encourages listeners to do one thing: think.

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