Today I have the opportunity to introduce to all you WIB readers something refreshing. Profound, thought provoking and equally entertaining. Here we have Boogey, a name y’all may not be familiar with…yet but I have been keeping tabs on his work and I have to say he is yet to deliver anything sub-par (do quote me on that). Lyrically I must add that he is truly a marvel, think Eminem mixed with two table spoons of Talib Kweli. With that being said, his latest track Sanctum gets the much needed visual treatment and its definitely a sight to behold.

Following close to the theme of the song, we get to see Boogey in his own world-probably his mind as he effortlessly weaves several parallel tales into one single timeline. From personal travails, religious dogmas to relationships, we are afforded a brief glimpse into his mind frame leaving with one or two things to think about.

Big ups to Brother Lee for the awesome work on the video.

This is dope, get with the program.

The debut video from AbOriginal Music MC extraordinaire, Boogey (aka “The BoogeyMonster”). Dope visuals and left-of-field filmmaking by Brotha Lee combine with Boogey’s intricate lyrics about religious and music industry hypocrisy and intolerance, to deliver a classic video for an already classic song.


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