Roll up, roll up…

Now, smoking weed is not a topic from which hip hop tends to shy away. Marijuana has been an integral topic of the rap scene for decades and it’s something that is unlikely to be removed from the culture any time soon. Manchester‘s latest hip hop group, The Bluntskins, love to smoke so much that they have dedicated a whole album to their favourite past-time.

The Bluntskins are comprised three of Manchester‘s established hip hop artists – Bill Sykes (TNC) and Cheech The Grim Reefer (Mothership Connection) take control of microphone duties, with Pro P handling the majority of the production.

Mellow high is the second video release from the highly anticipated Bluntskins’, self-titled, debut album (due to be released at the end of July). The vibrant, trippy visuals create an ideal backdrop for the accompanying, laid-back song. If smoking is your thing, this is the perfect soundtrack to compliment your habit. If you’re like me – meaning you like to keep your lungs clear – you will be more than happy with high quality of musical output from the Mancunian marijuana massive.

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