Wassup my good people….

Thanks for all the love that everyone has been showing…we’ve started 2010 in a great way….with a lot of new readers, and plenty of good coments & reviews what gives us great strenght to keep on making the blog better…

And this is why it gives me great pleasure to introduce Ben to y’all as the new contributor to J’s Music Inc.

Ben is a an old friend and a hiphop brother…and he is honestly the person with most knowledge on HipHop that I’ve ever met…basically a walking bible of this music industry. And through the years taught me a lot.

With Ben & Ira onboard, I have a felling that J’s Music Inc. is going to be doing great things in 2010

So we are a team of 3 now…and therefore a movement, aimed at getting people listening to good music & supoorting the artists, and as such we are always on the lookout for great hiphop minds to join.

Until next time….


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