In the hip hop dominion, the year 1994 was significant for many reasons (Illmatic, Daily Operation et al) and even more significant was that marked the year when South Africa elected their first black president and I was still a tiny tot then getting ready for the world. Ok, enough about me and let’s get back to the music. Straight out of South Africa comes this dude called Black Moss. His style is a mix, not conscious – I hate using that term – but rather he fuses social commentary with a lighthearted twist. His latest single ‘Set It Off ( Post 94 )’ looks at several challenges facing the youth in his country of origin. While the message is clearly intended for said region, it is definitely something everyone around the world can relate with. the track in question is produced by The Soul Academy

A lot of dope music from the motherland and Black moss is definitely up to par with ‘Set It Off ( Post 94 )‘. Thought provoking and fun.

Tune in and share your thoughts

Set it off is a track that comments on the post 1994 youth of South Africa. In a country where a quarter of a century ago most South African youth did not have the opportunities in life that they are afforded today, the song looks at some some of the general attitudes that we as today’s youth hold. It explored the themes of materialism, indulgence and general confusion and misguidedness that the youth faces today.

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