Soul Culture sat down with Mississippi man, Big K.R.I.T in continuance of their #OkNotToBeOk campaign. Created to raise awareness of mental health issues that so frequently go undiscussed, #OkNotToBeOk strives to offer a sense of acceptance for sometimes losing your way, losing your cool or just losing, period. What would life be without failure? Non existant, that’s what. So easy, though, to be drowned by seeing the instant internet gratification thats available now (most of the times through conformity), even if it lasts for 15 minutes. That’s why I love rappers like Big K.R.I.T or  J. Cole, always lending a communicative hand thats generally comparable, without ever selling short. That being said, knowing the essential grounds from which hip hop was created is so important today. It’s a culture through bars and beats that many find an honest outlet, whether you’re a rhymer or a listener.

“Music knocks down barriers. Language barrier, race barrier

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