Emerging rapper Big Dream reflects on the essence of true love on his new single “Anywayz.” Backed by a lush and soulful backdrop courtesy of the producer  DJ Pain 1, Big dream takes the listener through the emotions as he details the circumstances that occurred during the blossoming relationship between him and his fiancée. He goes back in time when they first met and how the whole affair started. Big Dream approaches the song from a very honest and unfiltered perspective as he exposed his flaws and how spending time with her eventually made him realize how she made him whole. The heartfelt track also features singer/vocalist Ike The Writa who helps a soul-gripping hook to complete the job.

“Anywayz” is a pure declaration and some form of apology from Big dream to his soon to be wife and it’s something we can relate to in many ways. Get it on all DSPs here.


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