Bangladesh-born American rapper who goes by the moniker Big Baby Gandhi (birth name: Nasif Allah) makes his mark on TWIB with his new song “V For Vendetta” and its accompanying visual representation. The song has an ominous feel and sees the Queens, NY based rapper dwell on the society we live in from socio-political struggles to money and all the ups and downs society constructs put us in.

The visuals splice several scenes from the classic Batman animated cartoons from the 90s and depict Big Baby Gandhi as The Joker who views society from a cynical perspective and has decided to take action by all means. The song was produced by The Buddha and the visual was edited by Laila Rao.

Get it on Spotify and AppleMusic. Also, get Big Baby Gandhi’s full-length project We Live In A Society on Bandcamp.


Big Baby Gandhi’s first mixtape, Big Fucking Baby, was released in 2011 to highly positive reception from music critics. As a result of the attention he got from his first mixtape, Gandhi was signed to  Greedhead Music , on which he released his second mixtape, No1 2 Look Up 2, in 2012. Artists featured on No1 2 Look Up 2 include  Das Racist (on “Blue Magic”), and Fat Tony (on “Lurkin'”). In early 2013, he posted on his  Tumblr that he would retire from making rap music after 2013. On December 6, 2013, he released his first full-length album, Debut.


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