“6 days of 2014” is the newest video by UK emcee BGR that dwells on her dealing with the loss of her mother. This comes after dropping the ” Truth” video and her  “Red-N Black“mixtape. This song takes a more introspective and profound approach as she wrote it during the 6 days her mother was trapped in a coma in 2014. She talks about her coping mechanism during those tough times, her biracial background and the struggles she had to overcome due to societal prejudice makes for a very heartfelt listening. This song is actually the only track from the mixtape that BGRs mum (Cindy Lee) got to hear during the year that she recovered from the coma before she was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

“6 days of 2014” is  the 1st single/video from BGR’s upcoming  mixtape entitled “My Mothers Daughter” which is a tribute and dedicated take on her mother’s battle with illnesses before her untimely death in April of 2015.

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