British R&B singer, songwriter, and producer BENNY BIZZIE makes his entry on our site with two tracks taken from his new EP entitled CHRYSALIS. The UMA-nominated musician sure is in his element on the tracks as he showcases a wide range of styles on the records.

On “Signals”, he makes use of a smooth guitar-driven bouncy Afropop soundscape as his canvas. Armed with his smooth and soft vocal runs he delivers a soul-gripping performance ripe with adulation and heartfelt lyrics that listeners can appreciate and rock with.

The second track we have “Player” is a moody slow burn that showcases a defiant lover weaving his way through emotional hurt and finding the inner strength to come out unscathed. The track starts off pretty slow but eventually builds up into a trap drum groove-driven beat while the haunting textures blend perfectly with BENNY’s stylish melodic runs.

The CHRYSALIS EP is a 7 track body of work that sees Benny reuniting with long-time collaborator and acclaimed UK producer Cee Figz, alongside producer Simon Brown, and live instrumentation from musician Darren Franklin and alternative rock band Less Than Hollow.

Speaking about the inspiration behind ChrysalisBenny Bizzie says, “The EP is about love, growth, and empowerment. Somewhere along the way in my life, I forgot who I was, and I lost myself, but I am getting it back one day at a time. ‘Chrysalis’ is me breaking free from the caterpillar stage, and becoming a butterfly, where we spread our wings and fly. This EP shows my growth over the years, and I created it so that others see that they are not alone in their early life stages of figuring things out, and going through their own growing pains. We’ve all had to start somewhere as is the nature of life”.

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