Benevolence of Roots Of Society is back on form with this tribute album called Coloured Cups, which is a collection of unreleased material. As usual Benevolence brings back that vintage,jazzy hip-hop sound of the 90s utilizing enthralling piano pieces,head nodding breaks and solid guest vocalists to match the vibe of the songs in question.

This is dope from top to bottom.

The album focused on memories (most which are based off of a memory related to the title of the album) and that’s the theme carried on throughout the entire collection. In some cases, this theme is presented by storytelling songs of actual events with the exception of “Our First Date(s)” which is a reverse concept track based off of the movie “50 First Dates.”

Colored Cups is a collective body of songs/tracks that were previously unreleased or that were created to complete the album and it’s themed expression. The album consists mostly of a nostalgic 90’s Hip Hop sound with jazzy samples, classic breaks, and drums.

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