For the attention of all BBoys, BGirls and fans of breaking – Word Is Bond is now partnered with the Braun Battle Of The Year to bring you all the freshest news from the world of breaking.

WIB has always sought to be passionate about hip-hop, and when we say hip-hop we mean all 4 elements. So far we have only been able to cover MCing and DJing in any depth, but we have always kept a keen eye on graffiti and breakdancing with an intent to cover it and do the art form justice.

The Braun Battle Of The Year is the BIGGEST breakdance event in the world; the Olympics for Bboys and BGirls.  WIB will be bringing you the latest news straight from the BOTY headquarters, and covering the event in depth this coming November when the Battle Of The Year takes place.

Keep up to date by checking on the dedicated page accessible via the “Partners” tab at the bottom of our homepage, which will soon fill up with content.

Gratitude and Thanks to Thomas, Mario and all the BOTY staff for making that made this possible.

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