Emerging indie rapper Banquer caught our ears with two tracks from his catalog. The Kuwait-born rapper is an enigma and has kept his identity anonymous for several personal reasons and also to keep his family safe. Although he grew up on rock and metal music, he started delving into hiphop about 8 years ago and started writing his own music early in 2021.

The first track “Politrickin” is a mellow, somber track that dives into some delicate issues. The rapper makes use of a laidback but impassioned flow for this one as he draws listeners into his world with his thought-provoking lyrics.

The second song “Reguluh Buttuh” flips a classic Nina Simone song which serves as the perfect backdrop for Banquer’s revealing lyrics about his life and the reasons for keeping his identity anonymous. He gives us a glimpse into his life and the complicated relationship between him and his parents, especially his aged father.

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